I have so many thoughts running through my mind, that it’s impossible to sleep right now. I’m so scared about the future, and I want to talk to someone. There’s a part of me, which wants to perhaps talk to a total stranger. Hence, I’m writing here. The difference between my family and I is … More

Spherical Dimension

This spherical dimension of catastrophe welcomes you.  Injustice, murders, jealousy, fraud. This Materialistic world welcomes you. Haunting, revenge, grudges, dishonesty. This Malice world welcomes you. All is fair in love and war or so they say: Enough of tragedy, Lack of prosperity.  Dirty and addictive medication: Hunger to envy. Hunger for the stack. Deceit. Betrayal. … More Spherical Dimension

Refilled Dam.

The penetrating fire, which ignited within his heart, sought it’s way out. No more suffering, it was decided. It was time to break free. He would not harbor the storm. He looked at his face in the mirror. It was rather amusing, to see the muscles in his face twitch. It was hard not to stare. … More Refilled Dam.

An Ordinary Moment

Restricted words, and infinite emotions. The tide sets loose like a tsunami in an ocean. The soul behind the iron walls seeks no worldly devotion. Every interaction sullenly empty Smile.  Hello. How do you do? Weights of each burden, plenty Smile. Fine, thank you. Walking down the common road, this does often occur. Hollow conversations … More An Ordinary Moment